The Ultimate Guide On How You Can Build An Electric Fence for Your Farm

If you opt to get an electric fence and do it on your own, it is important that you are aware that it needs a lot of work. Although you need to exert a lot of effort building your electric fence, the efficiency of this fence is excellent. Let me give you a guide, so you won’t have any problem in installing your electric fence.

  1. Measurement

You need to get the exact size of the farm. The specific plans for the fence should be done to avoid unnecessary miscalculations.

  1. Fence Post


Before you could start building the electric fence for the entire farm, the fence posts should come first. It is highly recommended that the posts should be at least 6 feet away from the next post. Weather can be unpredictable, and it is best if your fences are not swaying around during a sudden surge of intense wind.

  1. Make sure that the materials are ready


There a lot of stuff that you need to install an electric fence. You will need and electric box, connectors, insulators, electrical tapes or wires, grounding pole, and an energizer. Make sure the things are prepared ahead of time before you start working.

  1. Assemble the fence


The ratio that I can give you is 1:1. You need one insulator per one strand of a barrier. If you opt for a four strands fence, then you need for insulators on one post.

  1. The right energizer

The Energizer will determine the effectiveness of the electric current you will use. You must consider the area of the farm so you can choose the right energizer that you want to use. It needs to be strong enough to cover the area but not harmful to your horses.

If you have the five guides covered, then you should not have any problem when you install your electric fence. For your safety, I’d recommend that you keep the horses in a barn or a mare motel when you do the installation.