Welcome to Desert Hills Fences!


Desert Hills Fences is the number one fence supplier based in Arizona. You can name any fence product, and we have it for you. With Desert Hills Fences, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We produce the latest and the most advanced fences available in the market. We set the trend in providing affordable and top quality fences for our clients. The four decades of experience molded us to be the best fence supplying company.

What’s great about Desert Hills Fences? We don’t just produce the products that you need. We can also install the barriers you need to ensure the correct installation of our product. Our people are experienced when it comes to our product installation. You can be assured that all the goods will be built with zero defect.

Desert Hills Fences also is a one stop shop. Aside from the fences that you can choose from, we provide supplies such as electric fencing supplies, chain links, and vinyl fences. If there is any need for Mare Motels and Hay Shades in your farm, all you need to do is let us know because we can manufacture top of the line products for our clients.